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Transform Lives in Body, Soul, and Spirit


Seeking Christian Allopathic or Osteopathic Physician for Part Time Work


Are you a dedicated physician with a deep-rooted Christian faith, ready to redefine healthcare? Our direct primary care center, nestled within the heart of a vibrant church ministry, is looking for a provider to join our team.


About Us: We are a pioneering family practice that integrates functional medicine, mental health support, spiritual guidance from devoted pastors, and conventional medical care, all operating synergistically to nurture every aspect of well-being. Our model is founded on the belief that true healing encompasses the whole person - body, mind, and soul.


Your Role: As a vital member of our interdisciplinary team, you will…

  • Provide comprehensive allopathic or osteopathic care, harmonizing traditional medical approaches with our holistic model.

  • Engage with patients in a setting that values extended visit times, enabling deep, meaningful connections and personalized care.

  • Collaborate with a functional medicine nurse, mental health professionals, and pastoral staff to create integrated health plans.

  • Empower our community with knowledge and practices that uphold physical health, mental peace, and spiritual growth.

We Are Looking For:

  • Allopathic or osteopathic physicians with active licensure and a passion for family medicine.

  • Part-time work

  • Individuals with a robust Christian faith and commitment to practicing medicine as a ministry, serving others with empathy and compassion.

  • Professionals eager to practice medicine with autonomy, outside the conventional industry constraints, focusing on patient-centered care.

What We Offer:

  • The chance to be part of a close-knit team that values collaboration, innovation, and compassionate care.

  • A supportive environment that encourages personal and professional growth, aligned with Christian values.

  • The opportunity to make a profound impact on individuals' lives by addressing health challenges through a holistic lens.

Join Us: If you're inspired to contribute to a healthcare setting that nurtures the whole person and aligns with your spiritual values, we would be honored to welcome you into our community. Together, we can redefine healthcare, offering a sanctuary for healing and growth.

Embark on this fulfilling journey with us.

Submit your name and email below and our Medical Director will reach out to you shortly.


Transform Healthcare, Transform Lives. Be a Beacon of Hope and Healing in Our Community.

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